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Wisdom From Babylon on The Faith Today Podcast

A conversation about what a secular age looks like, and how a deeply hospitable church can respond and just be in a time that feels new and different, but not without its own beautiful possibilities.

Leading the Church in a Secular Canada

How Did Growing Up As A Third Culture Kid Impact You?

Developing Thoughts On Discernment

Business as Fulfilling God’s Purposes in the World

Righteousness = Justice = Economic Justice = Work of Business People

Christianity & the Arts

The Stages of Life

Fostering Disengagement With the World – Sabbath

4 Practices that Foster Engagement With the World

Discerning Constraints (Real or Assumed) in Vocation

Today’s Global Issues

Vocational Discernment: A Biblical Theology of Work

Vocational Discernment: Know Yourself

Vocational Discernment: Having an Accurate Read of Your Circumstances

The Theology of Work & Mary and Martha