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Gordon is an academic who thoroughly enjoys the classroom, on line or in person. But he also has an active ministry and role with public lectures hosted by universities and local churches. He finds deep joy in providing congregations with week-end seminars and conferences on different dimensions of the Christian life.

Here is a sample of current seminars – suggested format, four sessions (Friday evening and then three sessions on Saturday).

The Voice of Jesus: Learning to Listen

An introduction to prayer and discernment – and how we recognize the voice and the initiative of Jesus at key times in our lives. How can we recognize that God is speaking to us – and know that indeed this is God? This week-end seminar is designed to encourage an intimate relationship with God through prayer.

Vocation, Work and Career: Navigating the Transitions of Life

Christians at all stages of life wrestle with matters of vocation – “What is God calling me to do with the next chapter of my life?” And what we need is practical guidance for discerning well, in the midst of uncertainty and change in the church and in our social environment. And we need encouragement – for young people as they embark on their adult lives, for those in mid-life as they make sense of their options (and limitations) and those entering their senior years, as they enter into this new chapter in their lives.

The Soul of the Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is not merely a matter of business savvy and initiative: it is about creativity, innovation and courage, whether in business or in the non-profit world; it is about recognizing and acting on possibilities, with a good business plan and with focus, passion and determination to make something important, something you value, happen. This seminar considers how through entrepreneurship we reflect the creative and innovative way in which God is active in our world.

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