Paperback, 157 pages
Published March 1st 2005 by Regent College Publishing (first published 2001)
ISBN13: 9781573833486

On the Way

A Guide to Christian Spirituality

by Gordon T. Smith

Imagine you’re longing for a cool refreshing drink of water . . . And there, right in front of you, is a full glass, crystal clear, just waiting to be picked up. You study the tantalizing trail of droplets as they work their way down the side. You talk to people who have drunk from the glass and even tell others how wonderful it looks. You’re convinced that this water will be deeply satisfying. You’ve done everything short of bringing the glass to your lips and drinking for yourself. Your longing continues for a cool, refreshing drink of water. Everyone is thirsty spiritually. “My soul thirsts for God,” says the psalmist. And Jesus, knowing our longing, offers us Living Water. But how do we actually drink this water so that it can begin to satisfy our souls? For centuries, Christians have practiced spiritual disciplines to develop a deeply satisfying relationship with God. These disciplines are like the glass, bringing Living Water to our parched souls. Gordon Smith recognizes that authentic spirituality often looks dramatically different from one believer to the next. Still, there are certain disciplines that are essential for any Christian who wants a deeper, more satisfying relationship with God. ON THE WAY will help readers identify those essentials and develop a spirituality that encompasses every area of life such as work, friendships, and recreation.

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