Paperback, 153 pages
Published March 21, 1997 by GuildAmerica Books
ISBN13: 978-0-8308-1367-4

Listening to God in Times of Choice

The Art of Discerning God's Will

by Gordon T. Smith

All Christians yearn to live at the center of God’s will. But how to discern his will is an art that eludes many of us. And the advice we get often conflicts.

Some people tell us to look for a divine “blueprint” – the one perfect plan for our lives that we need to find. We are encouraged to search the Scriptures and hunt for signs, trying to uncover the map of our lives that God has drawn.

Others have rejected the blueprint school of guidance in favor of the “wisdom school”. With minds renewed by the teaching of Scripture, we are to develop the wisdom necessary to make smart choices. We are told not to expect that there is just one answer to God’s will for every decision we face. Several are possible.

The difficulty with both approaches, writes Gordon Smith, is that they minimize the presence and voice of God in times of choice. Instead, he argues for a third way. Smith suggests that we develop discernment as a spiritual discipline. By stressing the personal aspects of growing in our relationship with God, we can understand His will, not just in times of crisis but throughout our daily lives.

This book provides no magic formulas, no recipes for guaranteed success – just insight, gleaned from centuries of lived Christian experience, that will guide and encourage you in the art of discerning God’s will.

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